Conserve and preserve stingless bees, honey apis, solitary bees and other pollinators, in addition to generating learning regarding the care and preservation of bees in children, youth and adults of all ages. We also generate didactic material for the training of children, in knowledge of species and all the products that bees provide us.



Contribute to the conservation and preservation of native and or foreign species of bees in Sololá.


✔ Make the local and foreign population aware of bees in the development of ecosystems.
✔ Take advantage of the tourist potential of the area, to increase eco and agro tourism in San Juan la Laguna.
✔ Offer the market food, medicinal and cosmetic alternatives that ensure the health of the consumer and are produced in a sustainable way.

Beekeeping and meliponiculture

In our meliponary we have around 40 hives of five different species:


It is the activity that is dedicated to the rearing, management and maintenance of Apis mellifera bee hives. XunahKaab has five apiaries in:

    ✔ Pakajnom ✔ Paraxaj ✔ Santa Clara ✔ San Marcos ✔ Xe´K´ubiil

From this activity, various bee products are obtained, of which the best known is honey, however, from the hives we can also obtain: pollen, royal jelly, wax, propolis and bee venom.

Our ancestors